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Taxonomic Diversity: Assessment and threat degrees

11 feb 2011


Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

The Habitat Directive was an outstanding advancement in considering the vegetation as part of biodiversity and in making paramount the need to preserve it. With this goal in mind the Directive determined in syntaxonomical terms a number of key habitat types to be preserved. The usefulness of Directive 43/92 is undeniable. Since it was first published it has become the general tool for vegetation preservation and the main reason to include vegetation within the Environmental Impact Assessment processes as well as the major guideline to establish special interest areas. In a complementary way several authors have proposed different approaches to habitat description and assessment of its flora’s richness, legacy, endemisms, extent of occurrence, area of presence and other aspects. At this point it seems the right moment to go one step further in protecting syntaxonomical diversity by analyzing its threats, developing the concepts that relate to its degradation and extinction and establishing some risk categories to mention a few.

The symposium will count with some of the most remarked specialists in the field that will present their proposals which will then be summarized and right after will be presented for a common review by all participants. The conclusions drawn will be published so they can be eventually used in the vegetation assessment process.

If you are interested in participating do not hesitate to contact Prof. Javier Amigo at javier.amigo.vazquez@usc.es. The subscription fee is 75 Euros and will include lunch and dinner on February 11th. To organize your travelling and accommodation you may contact if you wish Ms. Trotta’s Emma González at +34 981 577 577or via email at emma@viajestrotta.com. If you are interested in participating we kindly request you a confirmation by January 17th. The second communication will be delivered only to those who expressed their interest in participating.

With the Symposium, the International Federation of Phytosociology, in collaboration with the  University of Santiago de Compostela, intends to honour Prof. Jesús Izco who, on September 30th 2010, has retired at age 70.

Organizing committee
President: Edoardo Biondi
Vice-president: Jesús Izco
Secretary: Javier Amigo

Edoardo Biondi
Frederic Bioret
Jorge Capelo
Jesús Izco
Jean-Jacques Lazare
Javier Loidi
Gianni Sburlino

Program (Provisional)

8h 30’ Documentation delivery
9h 00’ Opening: Pablo Ramil, Research and Innovation Vice-Chancellor
9h 30’ - 11h 30’ Presentations.
11h 30’ Break (Hot and cold beverages will be served)
12h 00’ - 13h 30’ Presentations
13h 30’ Lunch break.
(We will lunch together in Monte de la Condesa restaurant).
17h 30’ - 20h Summary of proposals, general review and conclussions.
20h 30’ Group Dinner

The University of Santiago is organizing a lunch in the honor of Prof. Jesús Izco on February 12th with the attendance of the University Chancellor and other academic officials.
Anyone wishing to attend should communicate it before January 24th to Prof. Javier Amigo (+34 635097305, javier.amigo.vazquez@usc.es). In order to simplify travel and lodging arrangements, attendees may contact Trotta’s Ms. Emma González, at +34 981 577 577 or via email atemma@viajestrotta.com