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4th Croatian Botanical Symposium pdf

27 - 29 set 2013


The Croatian Botanical Society is glad to invite you to 4th Croatian Botanical Symposium with international participation, which will be held at the Faculty of Science of The University of Split as the host from 27 to 29 September 2013.

The application for participation in the Symposium should be submitted not later than 1st March 2013. The filled in forms are to be emailed to the President of the Organizing Committee, doc.dr.sc. Mirko Ruščić to: mrus@pmfst.hr
More info on the Symposium web site http://mapmf.pmfst.hr/4hbs/


1. Biology of algae, fungi, lichens and mosses

2. Floristic Research and Biodiversity

3. Plant ecology and Vegetation

4. Taxonomic research

5. Molecular Botany and Plant Physiology

6. Applied Botany and Nature Conservation

7. Botany and Education

8. Palaeoecology and Palynology

9. Bioinformatic (mathematical methods in biology, databases, web applications)