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2 Orchid Workshops: NPS + IOW 2013

14 - 19 mag 2013


 A joint meeting will take place in Rende, Italy, next May:
- the 31st New Phytologist Symposium (14-16 May 2013) on Orchid symbioses: models for evolutionary ecology (http://www.newphytologist.org/orchid/default.htm);
- the 5th International Orchid Workshop (17-19 May 2013) on Orchid population dynamics (http://www.iow2013.it/).

These nearby meetings will offer the opportunity for the audience to gain information about the widest possible spectrum of ongoing orchid research. The format of NPS is a two full-day meeting, encompassing three sessions (Mycorrhizal Associations, Entomogamous Pollination and Linking Above and Below-ground Mutualisms) and 16 invited speakers; see website for financial support to students. A short oral presentation will be offered for two posters chosen by a panels of experts, among those authored by students or post-docs and reporting outstanding results. The format of the IOW is also a two full-day meeting with contributed papers; the main sessions are Management & Conservation, Flowering & Fruiting, Mycorrhizae & Seed Germination, Diversity & Distribution, Demography & Dynamics. The Scientific Committee will make a final decision on submitted abstracts (talk or poster). During each congress there will be a poster session, a conference dinner and a final field trip (16th and 19th of May).