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International Conference: Vegetation mapping in Europe pdf

17 - 19 ott 2012


An international conference on “vegetation mapping in Europe” will be held from 17th to 19th October 2012 in IGN headquarters, in Saint Mandé (94), France.
This conference is organized in the frame of national habitat mapping program (CarHAB).
This program aims to produce a large scale vegetation map (1:25000) of metropolitan French territory using both dynamical and landscapes phytosociology (i.e. vegetation series and geoseries) approaches.
The first two days of the conference will highlight the diversity of vegetation mapping
methodologies in Europe and France. The different interventions and workshops will be an opportunity to discuss and exchange about mapping methods and applications.
The last day of the conference will present CarHAB first results.
Participation to this conference is open to all and requires mandatory registration (due to limited space). Online registration is available.

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