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Hystorical ecology for the future pdf

25 mag 2019 - 29 mag 2020

Hystorical ecology for the future

International conference Metz, France, 25th to 29th May 2020

Conference Highlight

The current and future states of ecosystems are strongly related to past processes . Historical socio - economic development of human societies, resulting land use and changes in climate had lingering consequences still altering the structure, composition, and functioning of today’s ecosystems at various spatiotemporal scales . These historical legacies, both natural and anthropogenic, are thus shaping future ecological trajectories . Increasing amount of research have deciphered the impacts of past ecological processes on modern - day ecosystems, which in turn, have fostered rapid improvement of management practices for the future . These new exciting insights, acquired from historical ecology, now appear paramount in order to mitigate potential deleterious consequences of socio - environmental stakes challenging ongoing and future states of the ecosystems . Historical Ecology for the Future aims at promoting historical ecology and highlighting its recent advances and key results . Archeologists, biologists, ecologists, economists, geographers, historians, managers, paleoecologists , social scientists, soil scientists, among others dealing with historical ecology issues are welcome to join the conference to share and discuss their questions, data, and results

Call for abstract:September - December 2019

Registration open: September 2019 - February 2020

Program announcement:February 2020

Contact information: contact@hef2020.com

Follow us on: Web site: symposium.inra.fr/hef2020