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Global Strategy for Plant Conservation, First International Symposium of the FIP

Programme [download]

Tuesday September 13th

9h - Registration

12h - Opening Ceremony 1st International Symposium of the FIP

13h - Opening Session

Salvador Rivas-Martínez
Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System: cartographic expression

Carlo Blasi
Modern perspectives for plant sociology

14h - Lunch

15h - Poster Session

16h - 1st Symposium: Ecosystem services: the role of vegetation, ecological mapping and land use
Chairman: Jorge Capelo

16.15h - Speaker: Miguel Sequeira

17h - Coffee break

17.15h - Oral Contributions:
Updating, results and potential applications of the indexes system for the evaluation of agro-ecosystem’s functionality
F. Taffetani, M. Rismondo & A. Lancioni

Predicting the potential natural vegetation in Sado estuary and Comporta Galé sites with data mining models – community-level modeling and habitat restoration
F. Gutierres, E. Reis, C. Neto & J. C. Costa

Estimating ecosystem services of vegetation: vegetation structure and composition, plant phenology and honey production in a Mediterranean sylvo-pastoral landscape
S. Bagella, A. Satta, M. C. Caria, I. Rossetti, F. Buffa & I. Floris

The importance of natural ecosystems and economic changes in ecosystem anthropogenic M. M. Redondo García & A. B. Hermosilla González

The influence of human action on the ecosystems of Alto Tajo Natural Park (Guadalajara and Cuenca, Spain)
A. B. Hermosilla González & M. M. Redondo García

Post-fire regeneration of Quercus sp. communities in Alto Alentejo, after severe wildfires (Year 2003)
M. Pereira, N. Guiomar & M. Martins

The costal vegetation of Namibe (Southwest of Angola)
J. C. Costa, J. F. Costa, M. C. Duarte & I. Moreira

Bryophyte coastal vegetation of the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park (Italy) as a tool for ecosystem assessment
M. Privitera, M. Puglisi & R. Costa

Ecoregions of Italy and ecological services
C. Blasi , E. Feoli, G. Galante, G. Incerti F. Manes, N. Zaccarelli, G. Zurlini & G. Capotorti

19.30-20h - Open discussion and Chairman conclusions

Wednesday September 14th

9h - 2nd Symposium: Ancient forests and their ecological value
Chairman: Richard. Pott

9.15h - Speaker: Jerzy Szwagrzyk, M. Łysik & J. Szewczyk

10h - Coffee break

10.15h - Oral Contributions:

Towards a Southern European old-growth forest network
S. Burrascano, F. M. Sabatini. & C. Blasi

Contribution to the knowledge of the edaphoxerophilous plant communities in the south of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal)
C. J. Pinto Gomes., A. Cano-Ortiz, C. Meireles, C. Vila-Viçosa & E.Cano

Memory of forest – changes of landscape structure, floristical composition and ecological conditions during last 220 years
A. Carni & A. Pausic

Ancient forests in two national parks of the central Apennines A.R. Frattaroli, G. Ciaschetti, C. Console, G. Di Marco, M. Marchetti & G. Pirone

Plant life in extreme habitats: studies on conifers growing on ultramafics under Mediterranean bioclimate (California, Spain)
V. De La Fuente Garcia, D. Sánchez-Mata, L. Rufo, N. Rodríguez, R. Amils, A. Asensi & B. Díez-Garretas

A relict wood of Juniperus turbinata Guss. in S Sicily. ecological status, age structure and conservation perspectives
P. Minissale, S. Sciandrello & I. Galletti

The Polylepis Ruíz & Pavón and Aragoa Kunth. relict micro forests in the Andes of Mérida (Venezuela)
M. Costa, J. A. Cegarra, L. Lugo, J. Guevara, J. Lozada & P. Soriano

Causes and determinants of beta diversity in southern-European old-growth forests
F. M. Sabatini , S. Burrascano & C. Blasi

12.15h - Open discussion and Chairman conclusions

13h - Lunch

14h - Poster session

15h - 3th Symposium: The Habitats Directive - Monitoring and management programs, in-situ and ex-situ conservation plans
Chairmen: Edoardo Biondi & Frédéric Bioret

15.15h - Speaker: Douglas Evans

16h - Coffee break

16.15h - Oral Contributions:

A proposal for new habitats in Andalusia (Spain)
E. Cano Carmona, J. Mota Poveda, J. Muñoz Ávarez & C. Pinto Gomes

Enlargement of FFH-areas by restoration approaches: the case of inland sand ecosystems
A. Schwabe-Kratochwil & A. Kratochwil

Calcareous scree slopes habitat monitoring in Piatra Craiului National Park (Romania)
P. Oliviu Grigore

Habitats cartography of the Valencian Community: a Gis-based tool for the management and conservation of Natura 2000 vegetation types in Eastern Spain
C. Fabregat, J. Casabó, J. Fabado & J. Soler

Is Natura 2000 Network representative of the actual vegetation diversity at Regional scale?
D. Gigante, F. Landucci, F. Maneli & R.Venanzoni

Higro demonstrative actions for the conservation of priority habitats in northern mountain areas in Portugal
M. Geraldes, C. Neto, P. Monteiro, J. Honrado, B. Caldas & C. Aguiar

Coleanthus subtilis – ex situ and in situ Conservation of a priority species
K.-G. Bernhardt, S. Hameister & M. Koch

A cartographic, phytosociological, sindynamic, geosynphytosociological and habitats (sensu Directive 92/43/eec) database. The Regione Marche case study.
S. Pesaresi, E. Biondi & S. Casavecchia

18.15h-19h - Open discussion and chairman conclusions

21h - Congress dinner

Thursday September 15th

Mid-symposium excursion from the Valencia coastal area (sand dunes and marshes) to the cliffs of Alicante (Parque Natural de l’Albufera, Parque Natural del Montgó)

Friday September 16th

9h - Workshop: Towards a prodrome of European vegetation
Chairman: Javier Loidi

9.15h - Speaker: Milan Chytrý

10h - Coffee break

10.15h - Oral Contributions:

Vegetation surveys of priority habitats using multiple databases: the example of rich brown-moss fens in Europe
B. Jiménez-Alfaro & M. Hajek;

Contribution to a prodrome of Algerian vegetation: a synopsis of forest communities
R. Meddour, O. Meddour-Sahar, L. Zeraia, F. Bensettiti & A. Derridj

On the presence of the aceri granatensis-quercion fagineae alliance in mainland Portugal: a syntaxonomic review for the Iberian Peninsula
J. C. Costa, T. Monteiro-Henriques, J. C. Costa, A. Bellu & C. Aguiar

Classifications par étape des relevés de la banque SOPHY
H. Brisse, P. De Ruffray, E. Garbolino & G. Grandjouan

Synopsis of the German Plant Communities: printed and projected volumes
H. Dierschke & A. Schwabe

Syntaxonomic differentiation of the north-eastern Italian grey alder woods G. Sburlino, L. Giovagnoli, L. Poldini & S.Tasinazzo

11.45h - Open discussion and chairman conclusions

12.15h - Closing

12.30h - AEFA Assembly

13h - Lunch and Visit to the Botanical Garden - City Tour

Saturday September 17th

Post-congress excursion from Valencia to the Mediterranean high mountain area of Teruel (Sierra de Javalambre)

Official Languages

The official language of the Conference will be English. Other European languages can be used as well, but slides, posters and abstracts should be in English.

Congress Venue: Jardín Botánico - Av de Menéndez Pidal (map)